How To Redeem Your Points for Discount:

*** There is a limit of $25 maximum that can be redeemed on using your points on orders. Orders must be a minimum of $50 in order to apply redeemed points***

Step 1. Login to “My Account”, Click on “My Rewards” button at bottom right
call420 image1
Step 2. You will see how many points you have earned over all your purchases. Click on the “Redeem” button.
call420 image2
Step 3.  Click on the “Rewards” button.
call420 image3
Step 4.  Click on the “Rewards” tab. and click on “Redeem” button as shown below.
call420 image4
Step 5.  Enter how much points you want to redeem and it will indicate the equivalent discount in dollar value. Once you are satisfied with the points being redeemed, click on “Redeem” button as shown below.
Step 6.  Add an item to purchase and go to “View Cart” or “Check Out” and you should now see your reward points discount. 
call420 image6
*** Should you decide not to use your discount. It will become a non-expiring coupon for you to use at a later date. ***
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